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Cloud computing is becoming the standard for companies of all types and sizes, and businesses across the  globe are using it for everything from accounting to IT help desks to supply chain management. To be successful in the new cloud era, technical competence isn’t enough. Cloud consultants need to develop specialized expertise, work more closely than ever before with technology vendors, and adapt their businesses to keep pace with changes in the industry. Forward-thinking companies are also embracing the next phase of computing, and are looking to PHASE2 CONSULTING SERVICES and our partners to help them transform the way they do business and connect with their customers in entirely new ways.

 Why P2CS?

Phase 2 Consulting Services is a business and technology consulting firm founded in Puerto Rico. Our team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in different disciplines in the information technology industry.  P2CS establishes a strategy focused on best practices, best resources and technology to deliver a model that best fits your Business needs. Phase 2 is a company characterized by a strict process of understanding the needAs of clients in order to present complete solutions that impact processes, technology, and staff.

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Operations in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.